Jack Reacher

Multiplayer HTML5 Game

Sabertooth worked with Paramount to create a non-conventional EPK website for the latest Tom Cruise movie Jack Reacher. Sabertooth created an interactive live multiplayer game experience that ties directly into the action packed nature of the film. The vision for the Jack Reacher site was to create a unique immersive experience where the user is represented on the site as a character in a 3rd person side-scrolling fighter game. The site was built with Html5, Socket.io, Node.js, Express and Impact.js. Users can navigate through the site in the conventional way as well as by running with their character through the environment. When running through the environment, the users also get to experience the many extras such as hidden “easter eggs”. Sabertooth did not use the conventional approach to navigation for this site, as it breaks new ground in providing information in an entertaining way. In addition to the primary content sections added, hidden content was placed throughout the environments. We utilized our CG pipeline to create the backgrounds and characters. This allowed us to match the look of the buildings from the film, as well as the locations, to bridge the story of the film with the interactive experience. To give users an even richer site experience, Sabertooth added a competition to the experience where users can fight each other on the site, gain points and ultimately enter into different prize draws based on the point count. One of the many giveaways is the jacket Tom Cruise wore while shooting the movie.